Trends Gallery ®

What is it?

Trends Gallery® is a digital and interactive tool kit and a methodology for research, analysis and articulation of emerging trends into actionable and relevant design and businesses opportunities. It empowers companies and individuals to create groundbreaking ideas for business, marketing and services through design thinking based on current market trends.

Trends Gallery® has been successfully deployed globally in immersive & interactive sections within Fortune 500 Companies.


Creative and innovative ideas are only valuable if they are relevant. The content found in the Trends Gallery® is exclusively curated according to client’s specific strategic goals and is framed within the context of emerging market trends; providing users with timely information and relevant knowledge that is immediately applicable to on-going projects.

The Format

The unique digital and interactive format of Trends Gallery® borrows inspiration from collectible cards games, where players can create a unique deck of cards according to their needs and play a totally different game than their opponents.

This allows users to learn and utilize many types of trends at the same time, without getting stuck in a particular way of thinking. The reach intersection of trends challenges the traditional creative process and ensures that the opportunities that emerge out of these combinations are truly unique and competitive.


Trends Gallery® digital and interactive tool kit can be purchased through a system of licenses. Each license subscriber receives a specific number of seats per license, with their corresponding user name and password. Users can then download the Trends Gallery® native application, install it on their computer and start using it. 

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